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Academic nursing partnerships sharing knowledge related to education initiatives for tobacco prevention and cessation.

  • University of Virginia 

    Student Scholarly Projects: 

  • Sarah Craig, PhD student; Pharmacotherapy Outcomes for Tobacco Cessation

Georgia Regents University
(Formerly Medical College of Georgia and Georgia Health Sciences University) 

Student Scholarly Projects: 

  • Sandra Inglet, PhD Student: Integration of a Tobacco Cessation Curriculum among BSN Students


  • Diane Manghram, DNP Student: Optimizing Pharmacotherapy Options for Tobacco Cessation among Cardiovascular Providers


  • Miriam ALices, DNP Student: Tobacco Cessation Interventions among Acute Care Nurses


  • Jack Amole, DNP Student: Optimizing Tobacco Cessation Interventions for Georgia's Psych-Mental Health CNSs



Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies, Washington D.C. 

Family Nurse Practitioner Student Scholarly Projects:

  • "The Road to an Evidence-Based In-Patient Tobacco Cessation Program": 
    View ▼


  • "Carcinogen Exposure and Risk Reduction among Smokers Randomized to a Tobacco Potentially Reduced-Exposure Product (PREP) or Medicinal Nicotine: A Feasibility Pilot Study": 
    View Part 1 ▼ 
    View Part 2 ▼

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