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Although this is not a comprehensive list of tobacco prevention and/or tobacco cessationresources related to clinical practice, they are ones we have developed or found to be useful. We appreciate our colleagues contributing to this quick access of information. If you would like to submit a resource or link helpful for practice, please contact us. THANK YOU for your interest and support.

  • HEALTHCARE PROVIDER tri-fold pocket guide for intervening with tobacco dependent patients/individuals 
    An evidence-based algorithm is provided and a listing of first-line medications recommended to use for tobacco cessation.

    • The 5 Rs: Motivational Techniques 
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    • The 5 As: Helping Smokers Quit 
      A Tobacco Free Nurses & AHRQ Initiative 
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  • Outpatient Treatment Sample Guidelines: 
    REFER to article for Georgia Health Sciences University outcomes with tobacco control: 

    • Heath, J., Inglett, S., Young, S., Thomas, J., Sakievitz, N., Hawkins, J., Andrews, J.O., & Tingen, M. (2012). The impact of the GHSU nursing faculty practice on tobacco cessation rates. Nursing Clinics of North America. 47: 1-12

Inpatient Treatment Sample Guidelines: 
Georgetown University Medical Center 

REFER to article for Georgetown University Medical Center outcomes with tobacco control: 
Ginn, MB, Cox, G, Heath, J (2008). Evidence-based approach to an in-patient tobacco cessation protocol. AACN Advanced Critical Care. 19(3):268-278.


                  Standing orders 
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The JOINT COMMISSION (JC) to screen all patients hospitalized for tobacco dependence.


Useful Websites: 
Leadership of the NTCC have found the following websites to be excellent resources. There are many others as revealed in each REAP reference section and we welcome your input on sites you find useful as well. THANK YOU


Tobacco Free Nurses


Ohio State University's Nursing Center for Tobacco Intervention


UCSF Smoking Cessation Leadership Center SCLC


UCSF Rx for Change


Global Bridges: Healthcare Alliance for Tobacco Dependence


Less Cancer Organization: Prevention is the Future


MAYO Clinic Tobacco Dependence Treatment Specialist Certification Program


University of Massachusetts Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training


University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention

Useful Documents

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